Use this garden gallery for inspiration for your own fairy garden. For more information about the plants we use check out our plant section. We sell a full range of fairy garden accessories and houses to help you create the garden you want for your fairies as well as garden fairies to live in them whilst you wait for the real fairies to arrive.

To get a bigger view of each garden, and more detailed information about the plants and items used to create them, click on the picture.

The Fairy Garden Gallery


Troll Bridge Town - Rivers Edge


  Mermaid Lagoon - The Look Out

1amermaidCastle Hills - Castle Pond


Christmas Mountains - Lampost Watch


Turtle Island - Rocky pool


Fairy Door Forest - Grassy Knowl


Christmas Mountains - Sledging slope

2achristmasDingily Dell - The Toadstools


Fairy Door Forest -  The Arbour


Dingily Dell - Spring Side

Dolphin Bay - Sandy Beach
2adolphinThe Orchard - Unicorn View


All our gardens are available to buy from us at our regular retail outlets and the events we visiit. If you would like to make a purchase please let us know before the event and we will make the necessary arrangements.

We hope you have found this section inspiring. If you need any further help let us know, if you have any pictures of the gardens you have created we would love to see them, you can e-mail them to us or post them on our Facebook page.

Please check back occasionally as we will add new gardens when we have created them.


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