The Unicorn Pastures are a huge area of grassland where the Unicorns live. The grasslands start on the edge of Dolphin Bay and follow the edge of The Orchrds till they meet the edge of Dingily Dell. The grass near to Dingily Dell has the colours of the Rainbow River in them making it a most wonderous sight. However there is not much else there other than grass and Unicorns. But this suits the Unicorns as the have two things they like to do more than anything, run and eat.

It is the multicoloured grasses near to Dingily Dell that Unicorns like the most. The only thing they like more than grass are the apples growing in The Orchards!

The Queen has declared that her friends the Unicorns are the most magic of creatures and should not have their right to roam restricted by Faerie residents. Threrfore there are no Fea folk living in the pastures themselves. Fairies with a love of Unicorns live in The Orchards, which edge onto the Unicorn Pastures. and share their time between growing the apples the Unicorns love to eat and riding with them through the long grass.


Fairy Gardens inspired by The Unicorn Pastures

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