Faerie Land is a magical place where the Fae folk live when they are not out and about in the human world. It is a beautiful place, full of happy folk spending their days doing the things they love to do and their nights having even more fun with their friends. After all their favourite thing is to laugh and it is always more fun to laugh with others.

Fae folk are sharing, loving and kind. They look after each other and always help if they can. Their homes are just the right size for them to live in and their gardens are big enough for several fairies to play in. They love to visit each other to play, sing songs, share stories and eat yummy stuff. Faerie Land was created by the Fairy Queen many years ago as a safe and happy place for all the mystical creatures to live in.

Fairies love to travel back to the Human world whenever they want to, as they want to have adventures to tell their Fae friends about. There are three ways a fairy can travel between Faerie Land and the Human world;

  1. Through magical fairy doors, which are found in the Fairy Door Forest and link to fairy doors in the human world, do you have one?
  2. Using their magic fairy dust. The magic fairydust can be found on the shores of the rainbow lake. Fairies bottle it up and bring it with them when they visit
  3. Via the toadstool network, which can be a bit tricky. The Toadstool network, or NET, is linked to the human world through our fairy gardens, but it also pops up in woodlands and other places and can lead to all sorts of adventures!

Faerie Land is made up of 12 area's. When a new fairy arrives they get to choose where they want to live and they can move to somewhere else whenever they like. Learn about all the different places in Faerie Land that your fairy can explore via Faeriland's very own Estate Agents "Fairy and Elf Property Agents". Then create your own fairy garden based upon the place your fairy wants to live.

The Faerie Land Map



Find out about the different area's in Faerie Land to decide where your fairy would like to live. Click on the pictures below to learn more.

castlehills 2christmasmountains2dingilydell2Dolphinbay2








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