For inspiration to build your own fairy or miniature garden here are some more detailed photo's of Castle Pond;




All the houses in Castle Hills are built into the hills. To replicate this we have built a teired garden Using a frost damaged terracotta pot with a regal pattern of arches on the outside. The garden contains a Castle fairy house which stands next to a pond made from blue glass marbles. The fairy that lives here loves the beach, she may have lived in Dolphin Bay previously. There is plenty of sand and shells to remind her of the sea she loves. The plants growing here include;

  •     Sempervivum
  •     Sedum
  •     Saxafraga
  •     Bay
  •     Heuchera


For garden accessories to put in your own garden have a look at our Shop. When you have created your own garden we would love to hear from you and see some photo's.

Happy Gardening!
















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