For inspiration to build your own fairy or miniature garden here are some more detailed photo's of Unicorn View;




All the gardens built in The Orchards have a wooden fence to protect them from inquisitive Unicorns who roam the Unicorn Pastures and love to eat all the fruit. This garden has been built in a metal planter using twigs to form the fence and mosaic tiles to create a pathed area next to it. It has a little stream made from blue glass marbles and a bridge so the fairy can cross safely when she wants to go home. This fairy loves the birds and has a bird table so she can feed them. She has no fruit at the moment but Alpine Strawberries can be grown successfully in a fairy garden so give them a try. The plants this fairy is enjoying include;

  •     Sempervivum
  •     Sedum
  •     Ajuga
  •     Sagina
  •     Ivy
  •     Sisyrinchium


For garden accessories to put in your own garden have a look at our Shop. When you have created your own garden we would love to hear from you and see some photo's.

Happy Gardening!







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