For inspiration to build your own fairy or miniature garden here are some more detailed photo's of Rocky Pool;




This garden shows a view of Turtle Island on the West side amongst the rocky pools of the Rainbow Lake. Placed amongst the rocks this fairy has her own rocky pool. The water in the pool is created using clear glass pebbles and is surrounded by a little fence. The pool has a path of red gravel running along the edge, with heart shaped pebbles forming stepping stones for the fairy to hop along. Nestled amongst the boulders is a little bird table for the fairy to attrach her baby feathery friends. At one end of the path is a twig arch with trees on either side forming a welcoming entrance. The plants in this garden include;

  •     Ajuga
  •     Bay
  •     Sedum
  •     Armeria
  •     Sysyrinchium


For garden accessories to put in your own garden have a look at our Shop. When you have created your own garden we would love to hear from you and see some photo's.

Happy Gardening!













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