For inspiration to build your own fairy or miniature garden here are some more detailed photo's of Sandy Beach;




The lucky fairy living hear lives on the sea shore in Dolphin Bay. The garden has been created in a drinks cooler. There is a path of gravel that leads through an arch to the sandy beach where there are 2 little chairs to sit on shaded by a shell. At each end of the beach are giant pebbles and shells washed up by the sea which is made of blue aquarium stones and sparkling glass beads. The plants used here include;

  •     Sempervivum
  •     Sedum
  •     Bay
  •     Armeria
  •     Sagina


For garden accessories to put in your own garden have a look at our Shop. When you have created your own garden we would love to hear from you and see some photo's.

Happy Gardening!












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