For inspiration to build your own fairy or miniature garden here are some more detailed photo's of The Toadstools;




The Toadstool network is one of the ways a fairy can visiit the human world. In this garden in Dingily Dell, the network is in use and the fairies are off visiting their human friends. Once fairy returns, the door will close and the toadstools will disappear again. When this fairy arrives home she will step out of the toadstool onto a glass heart path to see that her bird friend sits on the edge of the bird bath waiting for her. This garden has been created using two terracotta pots, one inside the other, creating a spiral effect for the plants. The plants used here include;

  •     Sempervivum
  •     Sedum
  •     Geum
  •     Bay


For garden accessories to put in your own garden have a look at our Shop. When you have created your own garden we would love to hear from you and see some photo's.

Happy Gardening!











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