The Rainbow River has it's source in the Well that is hidden deep within Dingily Dell. However this is only where the muticoloured water surfaces in Faerie Land. For the water begins it's journey deep in the Christmas Mountains where dragons live.

The Magic that makes the water run it's different colours is in the materials that form the mountains themselves and it is this magic that makes snow sparkle in the human world. As the water flows through the mountains it gathers up coloured sparkle from the pretty stones hidden under the ground there. It bubbles to the surface then disappears again via the natural springs and hidden holes in Dingily Dell and the different colours eventually meet up underground to be combined into the multicoloured river. The Rainbow River then surfaces from the well and heads out towards the sea.

The water in the Rainbow River is filled with magic. As it flows through Fearie Land it leaves a mist of multicoloured sparkle that touches all the things living there.This is where the Fae Folk get their magic from.

Eventually the river becomes the Rainbow lake and it is here that the magic is separated from the water. For the water soaks through the sand to become part of the Never Sea. Some say that The Never Sea eventually joins the human world and if you watch the sea carefully you will notice that the water sparkles. This sparkle is caused by the remains of the magic carried with the water from the Rainbow Lake.

The multicoloured sand lining the Rainbow Lake is gathered by the Fae Folk to use when they need more than the magic they have already been gifted with. They use it to travel between Faerie Land and the human world and it helps them to fly. They like to decorate themselves, their homes and gardens with their favourite coloured magic dust, for everyone needs a bit of extra sparkle in their lives.

Fairy Gardens inspired by The Rainbow River

Rivers Edge


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