The Never Sea is so named as no creature able to speak to the Fae folk have ever travelled there and so we have never seen what is there. Some believe that if you travel far enough you will enter the human world and it is from here that the turtles and dolphins have travelled. But the Fae folk are unable to fly that far and they don't like boats much. Besides which it is far easier to travel by Fairy Door, the Toadstool network or by fairy dust. Fae folk dont like difficult things and travelling to the far side of the Never Sea seems like a difficult thing to them.

We know that turtles and dolphins are not the only sea creatures living in the Never Sea though. Mythical sea creatures are born on Turtle Island along with ather creatures and are released into the rock pools by The Rainbow Lake on the day they arrive. This has to happen because the Fae folk on Turtle Island are unable to keep them alive in their homes. These babies stay close to the shore until they are ready to swim into the middle of the lake. From the middle of the lake they disappear to live their lives out in the Never Sea.

Fae Folk can't live under water. But if they did, the gardens you would find here would be filled with underwater coral, rocks with caves in and hidden places. The sea creatures would live in these gardens and eat the plants growing there.The sea currents moving the plants about as the wind does on the land.

Fairy Gardens inspired by The Never Sea

Pictures of these gardens to follow.

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