Turtle Island is a beautiful location for those seeking a quiet, secluded place to live and Turtles to befriend. The Island has a beautiful sandy beach where the shore meets the Never Sea in the East and a maze of rocky pools along the shore where it meets the Rainbow Lake in the west. It can only be accessed at low tide via the two causeways, which surround the Rainbow Lake. The Island itself is covered with trees and has sandy paths running in between the Lake and the Sandy beach

Fae folk living here are lovers of baby animals as it is here, in the centre of the island that new things are born. These little creatures need to be cared for until they are able to look after themselves. Island dwellers love to care for things. They sing songs and tell stories to their charges giving lots of cuddles and love as needed. When these babies are grown enough the Fea folk are responsable for taking them out into either the human world or Faerie Land to live with others of their own kind. All except the turtles who swim out of The Never Sea onto the sandy beach and collect their babies.

Gardens on Turtle Island are hidden in the trees so that the tiny creatures can grow up in cosy homes. As they grow they are encouraged to play in the gardens which are full of interesting things to explore. Mythical creatures who will live in Faerieland live on the Rainbow lake side of the island and can see across to the places that will become their home one day. Animals destined to live in the human world live on the never sea side of the island where the Fae folk have plenty of Fairy doors to use for transporting their charges, as only Fae folk can travel through the Toadstool network or by Fairy Dust.

The gardens here have secret places with grassy mounds, shells, rocks and paths, all winding through the trees and streams to eventually lead down either to the beach on the Eastern Shore or rock pools in the West. Along the edge of the rock pools by the Rainbow Lake the Fae folk gather Rainbow Kelp which they use to feed their tiny charges. This Kelp contains magic and helps the babies to grow strong and healthy. Their gardens often have piles of kelp drying in the sun.


Fairy Gardens inspired by Turtle Island



Pictures of these gardens to follow.

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