Faerie Door Forest is an ideal location for creative Fairies as it is from the Forest that Faerie Doors come and the Fairies living here provide the magic to open them.The forest spreads out from Dingly Dell and The Castle Hills, but where it ends we just don't know. The trees in this forest are anceint, knarly trees with twisted branches and the most gigantic trunks that are hollow. For in the forest the Fae folk live in these trees which are connected via a network of rope bridges.

The Forest dwellers are located high in the trees and many fairies live in the same tree, happily together. For these Fae folk like to be busy working together collecting stuff and making things. They make all sorts of things, but their most important job is making and maintaining the fairy doors that are the easiest route through to and from the human world. They work in groups within the tree that houses them as they love to sing together, help each other and share idea's, using the leaves, seeds, flowers and broken branches they gather from the forest to make loads of wonderful things.They have to test the doors and use this as an opportunity to collect more things as they venture out into the human world

The Fairy Door Forest is not a place for gardens though. The trees are tall and their aged roots make a tangle of steps for any who venture down below. However as with any woodland there are open spaces and clearings theat are used for bigger gatherings at special times of the year. It is in these clearings that the Fae folk gather. They come down from their differnt trees to have parties, show each other the things they have collected and to share stories about their advbentures.


Fairy Gardens inspired by Fairy Door Forest


The Arbour



Grassy Knowl



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