The Christmas Mountains are located north of the Castle Hills and end at the cliffs of Mermaid Lagoon. For lovers of snow and all things Christmas this is the location of party central, for Snow Balls are held here every month at Icicle Lodge.  Icicle lodge is located at the top of the mountain nearest to the Castle Hills and this allows Tthe Queen to visit. The lodge is linked by cable car to the Fairy Castle and Mermaid Sea and any Fea folk living in these area's make a point of attending the Snow Balls whenever they are in Faerie Land.

Fae folk living in the Christmas Mountains are energetic and sharing. They like to be up early and out in the snow all day playing and building Snow Men. These folk are fun loving tricksters, they like to have snow ball fights and to sledge into the snow drifts, laughing with each other until they fall over. There are lots of things to do in this fun filled area as they can ski or sledge on the snowy slopes and ice skate on the ice covered the mountain pools. These Fae folk all meet up at the end of the day for giant mugs of hot chocolate at Icicle Lodge where they chatter and laugh at each others adventures.

Gardens in The Christmas Mountains have access to the snow fields and have their very own Christmas Tree. There are lots of lights and sparkly decorations throughout the gardens which sparkle like the snow in the sunshine. The gardens are fed by hot springs so even when it is the deepest of winter these Fairies have summer flowers and warmth to come home to. These fairies love to give gifts and leave them amongst the flowers in each others gardens at any time of the year, but at Christmas they give all the gifts they can to the Fae folk living in the rest of Fearie Land.


Fairy Gardens inspired by The Christmas Mountains


Lampost Watch



Sledging Slope



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