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The Castle Hills are the home of the Fairy Queen and her family of Princesses. The hills are located in the centre of Faerie Land and have easy access to all the areas that the fae folk live in.The Queen loves to entertain and the Castle is party central every night.  The princesses have a great love of all things sparkly and this shows in the dresses, shoes and jewellery they wear. Fae folk living in this area love to dress up, sing and dance. They also love to sparkle in the clothes they wear and have taken to sprinkling a little fairy dust in their hair.

Fairy dust is one of the routes used to access the human world. Consequently any fairies using ust a little too much fairy dust for decoration will suddenly find themselves transported and in for an adventure. When they return they always have plenty of stories to tell the Queen and Princesses about the adventures they have had. This is an ideal location for any Faerie friend that likes to dress up, as the Princesses love to wear the most beautiful dresses and dance in their party slippers.

Gardens built in the Castle Hills here are built into the side of the hills with sloping grassy lawns and little flower beds. There are a network of paths twined around the hills, linking these homes to the castle and the Royal Family. There is always plenty of sparkle and these fae folk will regularly travel down to the Rainbow Lake to gather more fairy dust in their favourite colours. The dust is sometimes used to add sparkle to their paths.

Fairy Gardens inspired by Castle Hills


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