Dolphins Bay is located along the southern shore of the Rainbow Lake.The golden sandy beach runs south from the Rainbow river until it meets the unicorn Pastures. The blue sea sends giant waves along the beach and is an ideal place to find the dolphins. Faerie Land dolphins swim in the Never Sea to find their food at night and come into the bay to play every morning.

The Fae folk that live along the bay love to swim, surf and jump in the waves, splashing and jumping with their dolphin friends all morning. Then in the afternoon they build the most wonderful sand castles and eat ice cream. These folk are creative and full of energy searching the sand for beautiful shells that they can use to decorate their gardens with.

Gardens in Dolphins Bay have a beach front location and their own bucket and spade. Many here have small pools amongst twisting paths which lead down to the golden sandy beach. Amongst the paths and secret pools are hidden the shells and sparkling pebbles washed up on the shore.

Fairy Gardens inspired by Dolphin Bay


Sandy Beach










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