The Orchards are the place to live if your fairy loves Unicorns. For the Unicorn Pastures run along the edge of The Orchards and Unicorns are inquisitive creatures. They visit the Fae folk living in the orchards on the look out for something tasty to eat as a treat and in exchange the Unicorns are happy to give rides along the pastures between Dingily Dell and Dolphin Bay all afternoon.

Gardens in The Orchards have to have a fence with a gate for access. The fence is to stop the Unicorns sneaking in and eating the apples that grow there, apples are a Unicorn’s favourite food. Faefolk that live here like fruit too and love to grow anything that they can eat. Their gardens are full of plants that produce things that are really tasty to eat. The Toadstool network has plenty of access points through The Orchards but these Fae folk like to eat edible mushrooms as well and they don't grow in Faerie Land so they make full use of the newtwork to visit the human world and find their favourite food.


Fairy Gardens inspired by Mermaids Lagoon


Unicorn View










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