Mermaid Lagoon is a much sought after location for Mermaid friends. For Mermaid Lagoon is where the mermaids play and sing all day having made their homes in the deep water caves along the shore.But the caves are not a safe place for the Fae folk to live as they fill with water at high tide. So all the Fae folk live along the cliff tops. They have access to the shore via paths and steps that lead down from their gardens and can use the cable car to visit the Christmas Mountains too.

The Fae folk living here love the deep blue water around the cliffs. They like to swim in the deep sea , climb and explore the rocks and rock pools to see what they can find and have a joy of jumping into the water to play with the Mermaids.

All the gardens in Mermaid Lagoon have a sea view from the cliff top, a path to the waters’ edge and access to the mermaids homes in the caves. Gardens in this exclusive area can be terraced amongst the rocks, allowing for steps between each level with area's to sit and tall stories of their adventures. The Toadstool network does not reach the cliffs so fairies here use their own Fairy Doors, hidden amongst the rocks to visit their friends in the human world. This is an ideal place to watch the Mermaids play, bring the Mermaids a gift from The Christmas Mountains and they will love you forever.


Fairy Gardens inspired by Mermaids Lagoon


The Lookout













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