The Rainbow River has its’ beginnings within Dingly Dell, but where it starts is a “Well” kept secret. The “Well” is where wishes are made, but you only find the “Well” when your fairy moves here, because it’s location is a secret too.

Dingly Dell is also the home of the rare Fearie Land Hummingbirds, who love to feed from the Rainbow Orchid that only grows here. Fae folk living in Dingily Dell love lots of colour in their lives so their houses and gardens are full of colourful flowers. They like to draw and paint, using the coloured water that comes from the springs as inspiration. Thier favourite things to draw are the birds and animals that live around them and they love to visit the human world to draw flowers and animals that live their too.

All plots here have natural springs fed from the Rainbow River. The water in these springs can be any colour and the flowers in each garden grow all the colours of the rainbow too. Each garden will be full of colour and will have accessories to encourage the Humminmgbirds to visit. All the Faerie friends living here love to feed the birds and to sing with them every day.


Fairy Gardens inspired by Dingily Dell


Spring Side



The Toadstools



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