Named for the enormous bridge that spans the Rainbow River, Troll Bridge Town is the only Town in Faerie Land. It is a lively place full of bustle and energy, for it is here that the Faerie Land Fea folk come to buy and sell their wares.There is a daily market and lots of shops. Fea folk living here like to trade. They have lots of friends and love to chat but they alos like to travel about seeing people and looking for new things to sell so are often travelling about in the hum,an world seeing what they can find

Plots in Troll Bridge Town are built along the river bank where you can watch the Rainbow Fish swim. All plots here have a garden with a path that leads to a small jetty. Along the way are lots of stepping stones and bridges to cross. The Jetty is the place to moor your own flying boat, which has a suprising resemblance to a butterfly. Flying boats are the only way to travel for a busy Faerie, for although fairies can fly it is very tiring if you have to fly a long way and these fae folk are very busy. This is a great location for Faerie friends with a love of buying things, meeting people and going places.


Fairy Gardens inspired by Troll Bridge Town


The Rivers edge













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