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finishedbag3I have been making paper bags to use as giveaway bags for many years and my customers love them. I have been asked many times how I make them. So follow this link to my simple step by step guide and learn how you can turn a single sheet of any paper into your own gift or party bags too. Remember you can use any paper not just newspaper. 


8gardenwithplantsAll fairies like to be outside and the very best way to encourage a fairy to visit is to build a fairy garden. In this section we will show you how to build your own fairy garden and what needs to be done to encourage a fairy to visit. This is a step by step guide to creating a miniature garden in a container or plant pot. Follow this link and start making your own garden today.


P1050012Use this garden gallery for inspiration for your own fairy garden.Check out the different designs and then learn what plants have been used in each one. Use this information to help you to create your own miniuture garden in a container or plant pot, if you have the space you could even dedicate a small area of your garden for your fairies to live and play in. Follow this link and start planning your own garden today.


fearielandmapFaerie Land is a magical place where the Fae folk live when they are not out and about in the human world. Learn all about Fearieland, look at the map then find out about the different area's and why the fairies choose to live there. find out all about where is best to swim with the dolphins, play with the mermaids, find the source of he Rainbow river or go to the summer ball. Follow this link and decide where your fairy would like to live the most?


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